Friday, December 25, 2009

Random musings on christmas eve 2009,

1. I think i dislike Christmas. At least American Christmas. Is that sacrilegious? Un-ordinary...? Do i care anymore? No, not neccessarily. Did i just spell neccessarily wrong? probably.

2. I really dislike wrapping presents, especially on christmas eve at one in the morning.

3. But seriously, i'm really tired of this cycle of produce-consume-consume-do things faster better stronger. I dislike christmas because i feel like these things are emphasized during this time. Convenience, family-making your family convenient.

4. I believe convenience has killed the spirit of man.

5. I want to drop out of college.

6. Did i mention i dislike Christmas?
I am whimsical, yes, i love fairy tales, yes, i love magic and happiness and wonder and beauty and hope, yes. Christmas? Not currently. It it a commercial holiday? probably.

7. i'm tired. And the wrapping on these presents looks terrible.

8. I feel like its sad that some of my family judges me and their present on how well i did on the wrapping.

9. I'm over this holiday.

10. I might sound like a cynical bitch right now. I don't care. I'm happy.

11. Really.

12. Daddy i'm so sorry, i'm so so-so-sorry yeah. We just like to party like to pa-pa-pa-party yeah.

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