Tuesday, December 15, 2009



And i know it will be a while
till i get unstuck from your smile
I can't wait till we meet
and my floating heart comes back to the street.

Through these photographs and stories
painting all these allegories
to a tale I have yet to see
IN this moment I let it be

Because this excitement is great
and this is thrilling
but in this moment i just can't wait

And i know it will be a while
till i get unstuck from your smile
and i feel i already know what kind of fellow
you are before we (even) say hello.

1. So i decided everybody i know is getting home made lip gloss and tea for christmas. YAY! be excited! Except ONE of my friends might get a shirt, and ONE of my friends might get a kazoo..or a bracelet. We shall see.

2. I conquered a fear tonight! A fear of singing/performing infront of a judge! Go


3. The poem above will hopefully become a song over this winterbreak

4. This winter break is going to be long...classes start in febuarary. (i am happy for this)

5. The worst of finals are over!! YAY!!!

6. Everything I want to be, I already am.

7. I want to go to celle ligure.

8. No i actually want to go to tokyo

9. I'm actually pretty happy right where i am.

10. I wrote a song today about taking viatmins.

11. MY COMPUTER WILL BE FIXED SOON. and then i can finish my song about taking vitamis!

12. I truly believe beauty comes from loving yourself first.

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