Saturday, October 24, 2009

gahhhh getting things put together in my room is killing me...

I have my bathroom all put together now i just have to continue with my beast of a mess in my room. Gah!
also; medical terminology test monday and bio test tuesday. x.x
can we say despair?

I saw Repo! The Genetic Opera yesterday and i have to say i almost instant fell in love with it. toteimo sugoi, ne? repo_movie_poster3

Things that have been making me happy lately:
kari kari umeboshi
amazing friends
slowly but surely becoming more organized
humour x.x

I tried to make eyeshadow today using lipstick, lotion and this powdered shimmer stuff...hmmm it kinda worked out haha, it is more of a "liquid stain" than a powdered eye shadow...hmm but it was kinda fun and sorta worked nonetheless.

Still not organized enough to have time to do a webcomic. Maybe next month...which is in like a week. I mean hey, i'm not in a huge rush, I still have some story stuff I want to flesh out anyway.

Speaking of webcomics i loved questionable content this week. It was just seriously adorable.

I'm forgetting so much japanese its almost come to my rescue!! its only a 14 hour time difference!! And while your at it, could you provide me with a job that pays really well for doing nothing whatsoever? thanks!!

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