Sunday, April 12, 2009

the subject tonight is love

As I get older I think I begin to grasp and gain an better understanding of love.

Several things in my life have come together,
they are small
but I hope I would be able to take a hint.

Last night, I learned something from a dream
is not possessive, it is fulfilling in its self and its nature
it is a pure source
and its nature is hope.

I have wondered once if it can sometimes be enough to just love. Even in the nature of it being unrequited the very state of the emotion is compelling and beautiful. If it is love, it is beautiful, and it is worth it. It brings out the best in us, it learns us, it inspires selflessness and again, hope.

But when a connection is made,
its as if that person was always in your life and you wondered why you hadn't noticed it before.
there is peace, and a trust.
there is a sense of wholeness that is not self-fulfilling or dependent in anyway.

I know this is idealistic
and i know infatuation is not special
but i do know this kind of Love is.

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