Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Light and the Glass.

We’ve been dating nine months, today.
I have brought back fireworks from South Carolina.
We wait until dark,
It is summer,
The heat of the day is settling
And the desert sky
Begins to light up.
Our hopes and dreams
that have become intertwined
Illuminate the pitch
That saturates the atmosphere.
We giggle at the childish excitement
of our not so legal endeavor.
It is romantic.
And we step back and shout in anticipation,
My back yard is lit up with sparks,
And we laugh.
Our hands are clasped and we stand for a moment
Absorbing the smiles that have sprung themselves
Upon our faces
There is no possible way I could ever hold you close enough.
You are my best friend
You are my life.

We lay in silence
Resting our minds
Against the quiet of the sky.
I am so happy.
You turn
You look me straight in the eyes
And state three words as fact
that have never before left your lips
I find myself in a state
Of fear, and hesitation.
I’m not sure if I can believe you.
“Why do you love me?” I ask.
And you reply
With an air of simplicity
In a sea of glass,
You are a thread of silk.”
We have been dating nine months, today.
You have just told me you loved me.
It is summer.
We are invincible
We can conquer the world.
I promise to never let you go.

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