Monday, March 23, 2009

It is one of those mornings you wake up and realize you actually have to face the day

the snooze button has been hit numerous times

and you waste around 15 minutes debating on wether or not you can call in sick
take a sabbatical
maybe just think.

It is one of those moods where you feel like you misplaced someone.
You ask yourself the name of the day
you look at your hands and remember the year
feel the sheets wrapped around you, 
and remember the place
this reality becomes so subjective 
and the daily grind becomes 
a complacent bore.

I have 15 minutes before work.
I'm trying to remember my name
or at least what it means
everything else is robotic
and does its self while my mind is preoccupied
I don't know, or care
5 minutes I have to leave

I hate today.
I can't remember how I got here
I can't remember what I was holding on to.

A selfishness drags behind me
clinging at my heals
there are too many faces
too many faces

and it's one of those days
where there is just too much noise 
and nobody is saying a damn word.

I've just realized my music library has been stuck on repeat.
I'm disappointed at myself and the kind of moments that are needed to jar me back to reality.
And I wonder, maybe a wanderer really can just be lost. I need a sign post.

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