Friday, January 8, 2010

bitter work

ugh. ...this is the best part...

In pursuit of self-preservation
we have lost our will to fight
to believe
to stand up in who we are
I can never deny that which makes us who we are
that which makes me who i am
living and breathing every moment
the moment i start dying is the moment
I must leave you
before all I am is killed -- destroyed
and there is no life left
what is self-preservation,
when it kills us?

stop it!!
the doubts of destruction and self-preservation fill my head.
imagined fairy tales crack and bend
seeping holes pour out latent dreams
only to fall into my hands
to create
or to destroy
Enjoy it!!
was what you always said.

When you fall in love with the wind,
it is a tempest which encompasses your heart
diverting any navigational hope
you may have.
Who falls in love with the wind
and hopes to hold on to it?
to hold it?

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