Thursday, November 5, 2009

This week has been just one huge fail when it come to discipline, haha.

Thanks to my best friend my room is almost all put away and clean now. Then I can go crazy and decorate!!! :-) :-D I am so excited!!

One thing about not having a job that sucks is not having money to spontaneously go places.
I would really like to go to say san francisco, like..tonight, butttt hey i have no money. I'm sure i could figure out some kind of cheap bus route that would take me like two days to get there but that's not too ideal.

What I really need is a sturdy sail boat.

I miss azusa so much!!!
I miss japan so much!!!

I need to go to APU soon and visit everybody. This needs to happen. Like soon. VERY SOON.

I guess that's basically been my week. Randomness with lack of discipline and missing a lot of things..

I gotta get ORGANIZED!! 
How can I expect to take over the world if I never get organized? Hmm?

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